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Film Strippers

Aug 28, 2018

Can a man be friends with a woman without any sexual tension? When Harry Met Sally is an iconic film that brings these questions to light that we have been discussing for a VERY long time. This week, we have a very special guest to help us talk about the psychology and social structure of mixed-gender...

Aug 22, 2018

Screw the first rule of Fight Club. AND THE SECOND ONE! We do what we want, which is spend our precious time watching an awesome movie for the dozenth time and talking about it with the man himself, Conor Molloy! Thanks for nominating Fight Club for our Viewer's Choice season, Conor!

Aug 16, 2018

Welcome to the Ahockalypse, ladies and gents! Today we have a special bonus episode on the brand new independent horror film, Ahockalypse featuring its producer, Craig Patrick! Craig knows hockey..he knows zombies..and he knows independent film! 
We talk about the new release,...

Aug 14, 2018

Who were you in high school? Were you the brain? The Athlete? The Princess? The Basket Case? The Criminal? Any way you swing it, The Breakfast Club is one of the greatest high school stories of all time. Give this eppie a listen for some great discussion about TBC and some high school stories from Kyle and Kelsey.

Aug 8, 2018

Welcome to our thank you season to all our listeners! We allowed you all to pick the movies for this season from scratch, so here is our intro episode leading into the greatest season of Film Strippers yet. We also have our good friend, Cade, on this episode to host some movie trivia!